On-Site Upholstery Services

Davidson House's On-Site Upholstery Service provides a rapid response to an urgent requirement to get the problem taken care of now and eliminates the expensive down time in daily activities typical of the traditional method of taking furniture out of the business to restore and recover. We bring the shop to our client's facility. The timing and presence of our equipment and skilled craftsmen is based on our client's need for minimal interference in their daily business of patient care and family nurturing.

  • Custom Fabrication
  • Exam Tables
  • Lobby
  • Patient Room Furniture
  • Recliners
  • Booth Seats
  • Chairs

Davidson House is skilled at Assets Maintenance - our services for restoring, repairing, renovating, reupholstering and comprehensive support for design and project management. We have preferred vendor status due to the consistent quality and commitment to customer service; plus we can mobilize our resources getting the desired results with minimal interference in the customer's daily business.

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